You need to cut through the information clutter that's out there.

The prLAB offers innovative solutions to provide your organisation with a unique profile that sends the right messages through ...

* Personal contact
(community relations, briefings)
* The media (traditional and new on-line channels)
* Design (corporate, web, print, video)

You receive the masterplan for your communications campaigns.

The prLAB can:

* Create awareness and understanding
* Reach niche markets and prospects
* Manage and enhance your reputation
* Tell key audiences your story
* Harness the power of social media
* Expand your reach through the media
* Build relationships
* Alter your identity
* Influence opinions
* Create goodwill
* Effect change

Current campaign

Branding, sponsorship & media for Trigger’s Trek, a two-year around-Australia journey by an Afghanistan War Veteran and his dog to raise funds for, and awareness of, PTSD.

There’s a strong social media component but mainstream media forms the basis for for initial awareness, particularly among local communities.

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